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Renting Your First Home in Canada: Tips for Newcomers

Posted by agentmm on September 8, 2023

Planning to shift to Canada? Are you a newcomer and don’t know where and how to find a rental house in Canada? The process for looking for a rental place here could be different in comparison to your hometown. We know you might be thinking, what should be done then? 

Being a reliable realtor in Canada, AgentMM says, ‘If you want to rent a house in Canada then do not just fall for appealing houses’, ‘Look for the budget, neighborhood, and various other aspects’. 

But the question arises – “How can we do that?”

With this guide, we will take you through a journey on how you can rent a house without any hassle along with some essential things that you must know before renting. 

What are the different types of rental property available for newcomers in Canada?

For new immigrants, Canada offers numerous rental properties that include duplexes, townhouses, apartments, and many more. 

  • Single-family units like apartments have one to three bedrooms. Apartments that are known as bachelor units comprise a bedroom and a living room. 
  • Duplexes and triplexes are dwellings with two or more units, whereas single-family detached residences are the only structures on a given parcel of land. In many cases, the proprietor of a multifamily dwelling will inhabit one of the units while renting the others.
  • Townhouses are built with more than three units that often have adjoining walls making separate top & bottom floors. 
  • A house can be divided into different bedrooms that can be rented by separate people who share the place including a bathroom and kitchen. 

Which is the ideal place to rent in Canada as a newcomer?

To be honest, looking for an ideal place to stay in Canada can be tricky. Distance, convenience, and other factors create obstacles in finding places for rent as a newcomer. However, with Canada’s Index of Remoteness, you can identify the things that are easy to access in your neighborhood. 

Moreover, it is suggested to look out for a specific neighborhood in the area you are planning to stay.  

You can even get a real estate agent to help you locate a property for you. Agents like AgentMM can be handy for you as they are familiar with areas in Canada. They can even reduce your stress of house hunting. 

Things to know while renting a house in Canada

As you are looking for a rented house in Canada, your to-be landlord will ask for your information about you in order to ensure that you are able to pay rent or not. 

Documents a landlord will ask: 

  • Documents ensuring you have stable and sufficient income
  • Bank statements
  • Reference letter from your previous landlord showing your character certificate. 

If you lack a credit history or a stable source of income, many landlords will be hesitant to give apartments for rent, which can be a significant hassle for newcomers. Continue your search until you find a landlord who is willing to work with you, but be prepared to show confirmation of funds or pay the first few months’ rent in advance.

While finalizing a house, you are required to pay at least 50% of the monthly rent as a security deposit for a rental house in Canada

Steps for renting a house in Canada

Step 1: Decide what type of rental house you want

As mentioned above there are different types of rental houses in Canada. It is one of the significant aspects for any tenant who is looking to rent a house in Canada

An individual can opt for a duplex if he/she will reside with different people or a condo if you are a bachelor. Despite all these, you can consider opting for a budgeted place as numerous apartments in Canada are not furnished. 

Hence, owners are responsible for providing you with basic amenities like, a heating system, stove, and hot water services. 

Step 2: Getting familiar with renting rules

It is significant to know that different types of rental houses in Canada have their distinct rules and regulations. To give you a brief idea about it, we have mentioned some of the things that will come in handy for you. 

Without a Canadian credit history, local social circle, or positive references, it may be difficult for newcomers to rent a residence in Canada. It is possible for immigrants to rent residences in Canada, so you should feel at ease seeking advice from your social network. When searching for a rental property in Canada, it is necessary to do your research.

Step 3: Evaluate the Neighbourhood

Perform some online research to identify potential rental options. Keep in mind that touring the property virtually is not sufficient. Therefore, it is essential to visit the property and inspect the neighborhood to ensure that it is suitable. A real estate agent is an additional resource for obtaining market, prospective area, and desired feature knowledge.

Each rental unit is priced differently, taking into consideration size, amenities, and location. If you are considering renting in Canada, you should investigate the average cost of living there.

Step 4: The final checking

The final step is to check the minor details of the property which will include, parking, storage, and so on. 

Do not be hesitant to pose situation-specific queries. Families require amenities such as accessibility for handicaps, elevators, and child-lock cabinets. The owner is responsible for detailing the agreement’s inclusions and exclusions, so ensure everything is transparent.

Two months of rent is the standard security deposit required by Canadian landowners. A professional real estate agent or your immigrant acquaintance in Canada may be able to assist you with a few additional aspects.

If you do not know anyone in Canada who could serve as a guarantee, you could try to negotiate with the owner by offering to pay the additional rent directly or through short-term leases.


Finding an ideal rental house in Canada is an adventure, although not always simple. After moving in, renting that place should be so enjoyable that you begin to fantasize about purchasing a home. By scheduling an appointment with AgentMM, you can learn more about the various rental programs available to newcomers in Canada. Don’t think twice, contact AgentMM now!

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