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Getting Your Home Ready with Home-Selling Checklist

Posted by agentmm on September 23, 2023

Despite the current seller’s market, you should not anticipate a quick sale of your home. Preparing your property for the market remains essential if you want to maximize your profit from its sale.

Immediately communicate with a real estate agent. Utilize the expertise of a real estate agent to increase your home’s charm to potential purchasers. It is possible to increase the value of a property by commencing the preparation process early so that restorations and enhancements can be made.

The months leading up to selling your house may be stressful, but this home-selling checklist might help. Following these steps may help you prepare to sell your home at the right moment. We’re here to help you tailor a solution to fit your specific situation with a guide to sell your house.

Consult a Realtor Right Away

Our commitment to superior service includes offering no-cost consultations to assist you get your house ready to sell.

Some owners make the mistake of contacting a real estate agent until they are far into the selling process. However, as per experts, the sooner you include them in the process, the better. In most cases, this results in quicker sales and larger total earnings.

We understand what homebuyers are looking for, with a trusted network we can help you make your house more attractive to them. Having this support system in place may ease anxiety and help you get things done in the last days or weeks before you list.

Reserve a Self-Storage Unit

Preparing your home for sale involves packing up all of your personal belongings and storing them elsewhere. You should leave plenty of empty space in your home for prospective purchasers to view their own stuff. Pack practically everything before showing your home to possible buyers, including emotional mementos, the majority of your furniture, and any significant pieces of art. 

Everything cannot be crammed into the attic, basement, or closet. These features should also be considered by prospective purchasers. Instead, rent a storage unit to utilize while you attempt to sell your home

We realize how frustrating it might be to pack up your whole life and store everything for a few weeks. The good news is that this will elevate the process of the sale of your home. Along with shortening the amount of time, you will be inconvenienced.

Improvements and Repairs

Before placing your home on the market, major renovations are typically superfluous. However, if you are selling an older home or have any doubts about its condition, you should contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you evaluate any necessary restorations.

If we deem it necessary, we could suggest a pre-listing examination. In a seller’s market, pre-listing inspections are less common, but they may help you avoid disagreeable surprises in the future. During our first conference, we may discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

Fix any significant architectural, mechanical, or aesthetic defects that may prevent you from selling your home in the future. For example, issues with the framework, the foundation, and the superstructure are likely to be highlighted in an inspection report. 

Due to problems with the heating and cooling system, the utilities, or the infrastructure, the residence may be hazardous. The ability to sell a property may also be hindered by out-of-date characteristics.

Modify Your Layout

Now is an excellent time to consider a simple design that could have a significant impact on potential purchasers. For instance, a fresh application of paint is an easy way to refresh your home’s appearance. 

Buyer interest may be greatly increased by just rearranging the furnishings. According to a study, staged homes often sell in a shorter amount of time and for a greater price than the asking price. 

We may recommend a professional home stager in your area or provide helpful advice if you decide to stage the property yourself.


Even though it is easy to sell a house on your own in Canada, there are a few things to do before selling your house. The above guide will help you through it!

Also, with the proper guidance of AgentMM, all your selling process can be done in just a few simple steps. So, if you are seeking to do so, contact AgentMM now!

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